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About - Digital Z

Digital Z a cloud and digital solution provider for businesses was established in 2017 by an experienced professional that has been working in the industry for over 10 years, and had a passion for far longer. He found that working with different sized businesses and with multiple different vendors that there were many issues within the industry, a disconnect of technology and many businesses either not using technology, using redundant technology or not using the most suited technology for their business whether that is in the admin, processes or in other areas. Amongst a lot of other issues dealing with multiple providers, excessive upfront costs to businesses for physical infrastructure and other issues. Digital Z fulfils business requirements through Design and Technology under the one umbrella and continues to work with its customers to ensure that they are kept up to date. Digital Z has the flexibility to work in a modular fashion as some customers have a preferred designer or other specialist for example. Though customers using the platform to its entirety are seeing the real benefits, going above and beyond to streamline things they thought weren’t possible, such as having their website talking into a backend admin/billing system. We invite you to call us so we can chat further about what Digital Z can do for your business whether it is new or existing.