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Improving your website’s SEO ranking in 2019

Improving your website’s SEO ranking in 2019

If you’re looking to improve your website in every way possible, after only doing a little bit of research, you’ve certainly stumbled across the topic of SEO. You may have discovered just how important it is to correctly use and implement SEO into your website if you want to see healthy, reliable growth.

It’s true: SEO is important, but it’s not so necessarily easy to understand. Maybe you’ve been looking for a list of steps, or basic rules to follow that aren’t too complex but still get the main idea across. That is what this post is about. SEO can be broken down, roughly, into about four or five aspects that result in your website seeing the most growth if applied correctly. Let’s look at some of these.

STEP 1: Is Your Content Relevant and Applicable?

This may seem like advice that’s condescending or outright insulting, but it’s the truth. Many people look at the web as a way to make money, and there’s nothing wrong with that, but if you change what your directive is solely just to get more views, it won’t work out for you. Ironically, it may end up being worse. What you should focus on first and foremost is that your content is original, relevant, and applicable to the situtation at hand. It’s too easy to get wrapped up in the idea that adding in that keyword a few more times will give you more traffic and do it, but don’t. That’s not the proper way to do things.

Instead, decide on the focus of the post, article, etc, and do put the keywords in there that you want people coming to your site for, but don’t overdo it. At the end of the day, your content needs to be engaging or people won’t spread your site by word of mouth as well, which is the easiest way to get free advertising.

STEP 2: Regularity and Dependability

Repeated traffic can grow your site very quickly, much faster than you ever would have managed to do so yourself with normal advertising, attempts to bring other people on board, etc. At the same time, of course, no one’s going to want to come and read your website if all that’s there is either the same thing, over and over, or worse, just a list of old content without anything new updated for long periods of time. This is a killer, and you shouldn’t do it.

Instead, pick times and/or dates to update your website. Create deadlines and follow them. On those days, at 4 PM or whatever time you’ve picked, every week, there should be an update. Create a reason for your readers, content consumers, customers, to come back all the time. Regular new content is one of the best ways to keep a site relevant, and that should increase your traffic.

STEP 3: Improving Your Page Loading Speed

SEO comes from many different avenues and opportunities, but there are a few important big ones. Keywords is one of them, relevant content is another, and so on.

One thing that is very simple, yet very important if you haven’t done it yet, is optimizing, increasing, and improving in any way your page loading speed. Just stop for a second and think about it yourself before you wave it off and act like it’s not a big deal.

It is a big deal, because it’s very simple if you sit and realize how many pages over the course of your life that you’ve clicked off of solely because they were slow. There doesn’t even need to be another reason. People aren’t patient: if the site doesn’t load quickly they will leave and probably not return. There are many different sources of data proving this, but here’s just one: three seconds doesn’t seem like that long, right? Well, it technically isn’t, but if you feel like you notice how slow your site loads, you need to look into this.

STEP 4: Site UI, and What to Do About It

Whether you run a blog, some kind of news site, a site that sells products, a site that does reviews, or something else, no one wants to look at a page that’s painful to look at, plain and simple. If you have crowded, unflattering imagery, you should get rid of that. If you don’t have a clean, snappy, responsive webpage—well, you need that too. Some of this may not be cheap or easy to accomplish, so to speak, from a design or financial perspective, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have it. You reap what you sow, and if you have low quality, generally, you’ll get low quality in return.

There’s not much else to say here except check out some high-profile sites, see how they arrange and organize their stuff, and then look at your own and see how you can improve it.

STEP 5: Optimizing for Mobile Usage

Mobile web browsing is a huge chunk of all web browsing, so by not doing this, you’re really missing out, as you see. So, with that fact in mind, to deny a huge share of the market the ability to properly access and read your site isn’t the smartest decision, business-wise. It’s a better idea to instead design your website so that it reads properly and functions properly on mobile, where, depending on what your site is and what its userbase looks like, you may receive a large chunk of both your revenue and your traffic.

It’s just simply foolish to not do this, just like embedding and implementing social media into your website.


If you follow these steps, you should see growth in the SEO rankings of your website, and traffic and sales and views and everything else should naturally follow, too.


Whilst we have provided you will some important tips. SEO itself has a lot of other elements that need to be considered and continuously worked on. We encourage you to like our Facebook page to keep up with further tips or read into other information we have. Also if you have been on the SEO journey for some time and finding it too time consuming we have SEO packages in which we focus on the more time consuming/complex tasks, as part of that we also provide you ongoing elements for you to perform yourself as nobody knows you niche/business like you do. Check out our packages today.

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  1. Sound tips and very practical for today’s SEO landscape. Thank you for sharing this.


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