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Starting a new business can be a daunting task. There are loads of issues someone new will encounter: legal, financial, marketing, intellectual property – the list is endless. Many new business owners are simply overwhelmed by all things they find out they are expected to know. At Digital Z we have a wide variety of customers amongst different industries we have been listening to our customers and built our platform and offerings to make and keep working towards making everything more seamless/streamlined for any Business owner in the technology and design space.

FAQ - Your questions? We got answers!

When I complete the form and checkout I notice it says $0 what happens when I submit?

Yes. This form is to gather information around what product/services you are interested in and to find out more about your business. On submission we will review the information and call you obligation free to discuss what we can do for you, what we recommend for your business and at the very least ensure we point you in the appropriate direction if Digital Z is not suited to your business needs.

Does the form cover everything you offer?

No. The form is just a guide and lists the main products/services provided. We hope it helps new business owners particularly with all the things that have considered or not yet considered for their business in the technology and design space. We do encourage existing businesses interested in a range of Digital Z products and services but are unsure what suits them to also fill out the form.