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Seven interesting features in Office 365

Seven interesting features in Office 365

Office 365 is a collection of apps and useful programs that are very nice to have in the modern workplace. Just a few of the common things that you’ll find in Office 365, if you’re unfamiliar with its use, are generally features that make it easier to share information between co-workers, quality-of-life features or applications that solve minor problems and help you through the day, and things that help you organize information better. Most of it is designed to be easy to use and increase your efficiency by making it easier to connect and share and organize information with others.

Some of the features are a little more entertaining, though. Below is a bit more detail on some of the more interesting features in Office 365.


Feature #1: Connectors

Is a sort of spider-web app that lets you draw everything in together and tie it so that you’re able to get updates from something like Twitter, use Bing to review the latest, most relevant news, or even just doing something as mundane as managing a project with Trello. The genius of this app comes from the fact that it ties everything together in such a unique, convenient way. There are definitely other applications that link things together created by people, and easy ways to connect some of your favorite applications, but none of them do it so well and so easily like connectors. You don’t even need to leave Office 365 to use it—it’s that straightforward.


Feature #2: Sway

Is an incredibly useful app/feature of Office 365 that’s pretty much laser-focused on any definition of ‘presentation’ that you could probably conceivably come up with. You can create things from newsletters, to presenstations, to communications—all of them are available in Sway. As with most features/apps in Office 365, it’s fully integrated into everything else, and it’s incredibly easy to send and receive files from partners/coworkers on projects. It’s a very modernized combination of something like a messenger, a file-sharing software, and something like PowerPoint, all in one.


Feature #3: SharePoint

Is the next feature on the list. SharePoint is one of the features in Office 365 that manages to tie everything else together. As the name might suggest, it’s a feature that allows you to share content between each other via your intranet. It allows you to have specific places to organize data, content, etc. SharePoint also has some intelligent aspects to it that make searching for specific data uploaded to it a breeze.

With SharePoint comes at least 1 TB of personal cloud strage, external sharing, content management, team sites, communication sites, intranets, mobile apps, and even automated alerts to help you stay on track while you’re working.

SharePoint is one of the most useful and relevant features on this list, and probably one of the best in the entire Office 365 suite.


Feature #4: Bookings

A simple name, but a little bit more complex and nicer to have than you might first imagine. Bookings is a feature of Office 365 that allows both you and the customer to help set up appointments or services on specific dates and times. You and they can both see what times are available, so there’s never any questions or awkward conversations about changes to schedules. It makes it much less frustrating for both you and your customers.

Bookings also allows for cancels and reschedules, changes to different dates, different times, etc. Because everything is so transparent for the customer, it makes easier on them, especially, because they can see their options and judge what to do accordingly. Consequently, that makes it easier on you, since you don’t have to deal with constant questions about what time and date is free, and when, etc.

For any kind of business that relies on services or appointments, Bookings is a must.


Feature #5: Flow

Is a cute little assistant feature of Office 365 that helps you do work in the moment of it. It has templates that allow you to follow easy steps to get some generic work done. It also has useful alert systems, such as allowing you to receive text messages whenever anyone you deem to be important emails you—that way, while you’re at work, you don’t have to go look at your email unless you know that your boss just sent you those reports, or whatever it might be.

It also lets you manage approvals, messages, tasks, etc from your phone, inbox, or through other apps/devices.  The multi-step feature is also extremely useful for nearly any kind of work.


Feature #6: Forms

Is a pretty useful feature of Office 365 that allows you to create surveys, quizzes, and polls. It’s very simplistic and obvious in the nature of what it does, but the flexibility of the feature is something that other programs probably envy, since it works with any web browser and features lots of themes and other features. The quiz aspect of the feature lets you do automatic grading and explanations for wrong answers. Polls is exactly as it sounds, allowing you to gauge public opinion about something, whether that’s on your computer or your mobile device.

Microsoft Forms also offers real time analysis and updates charts, so you can see your data and what’s relevant to what you were looking for.

It’s really just a very straightforward, good thing to have in this suite, and is probably up there in the features that are must have in Office 365.


Feature #7: To-Do

The last feature in this list, To-Do is an awesome scheduling feature that lets you take control of your time and your day. The simple UI, and easy-to-add nature of the application makes it easy to plan and prioritize your day. You can also share the lists with friends, colleagues, family, etc. As with everything in Office 365, To-Do is also centralized and easy to share with everyone, and features good personalization and customization options like color coded lists or themed lists, which might help keep things in line a bit better.

Overall, Office 365 is a pretty great product that has a lot of cool, unique, useful, interesting features. These are just some of the best ones, but there is plenty more for those who are interested to explore.

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